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The Queue as of  May 17, 2024

Published since January 2024

David Brizer – The Secret Doctrine of V. H. Rand (1/23/2024

Peter Schumann – Mister Aeschylus’ The Persians (3/6/2024)

Charles G. Bell – The Half Gods (3/26/2024)  

Sam Kerson – Gaza Punishing the Innocent (3/30/2024)

Rana Shubair – And No Net Ensnares Me  (4/17/2024)

Raymond Barfield – Dreams of a Spirit Seer (4/22/2024)

Seth Steinzor –The Dragon of Sassafrass Mountain (5/8/2024)

Ron Jacobs – Nowhere Land (5/15/2024)

Ready or almost ready for publication (alphabetical by author)

Bill Davis – Cheap Gestures (poems)

Marc Estrin – Longing for the Sky (essays) 

Lorrie Goldensohn  – Little Fish (poetry)

Peter Fortunato – World Headquarters (poetry, pub date in September 2024)

Howard Rappaport – Arnold & Igor (novel)

Doulas Milliken – Any Less You (essay)

Peter Nash  –  Ghost Story (novel) 

Michael Okulitch – Toward Him Still (novel, pub date 9/15/2024)

Peter Schumann – We Possibilitarians One (odd bird)

Production work in process (alphabetical by author)

Allison Grimaldi Donahue  – The History of Breathing (short)

John Michael Flynn  – Answer Only (novel)

Bertold Francke – String Quartets (music)

Derek Furr  – Love Story with Brides (odd bird)

Enzo Lamartora/Michael Palma  –  It Was (monologues, dual language)

Fred Rosenblum – Of Our Elaborate Plans (poetry)

Peter Schumann – We Possibilitarians Two (odd bird)

Editorial work in process or ready for production but not started yet

(alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

Antonello Borra – Herbal (poetry/dual language)

Lorenzo Carlucci/Todd Portnowitz – Methods (poetry/dual language)

Silvia Comoglio/Giorgio Mobili – Via Crucis (poetry/dual language)

Greg Delanty – Behold the Garden (poetry)

J. C. Ellefson – Conversations with the Underground (stories)

Zdravka Evtimova – To Weave a Grasshopper’s Cage (novel)

John Hawkins – Mirror to Mirror (sonnets)

Michael Jewell  – The Memoirs of a Paper Doll (poetry & collages)

Scott Archer Jones – The Moth

Roger Lebovitz – Blessings

Christopher Peterson – Dairy of a Madman (novel)

Philip Ramp – Glass Or (poetry)

Frederick Ramey – A resistance to the wind (poetry)

Moshen Rezaei – Mrs. Boss (stories)

David Schein – Three Jewish Plays (plays)