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The turmoil, terror and betrayal of their escape from Poland at the start of World War II lead us into this tale of hatred and forgiveness between father and son.

About the Author

Once a painter, Andrew Potok turned to writing in his middle years. His first book, Ordinary Daylight, received national acclaim and was followed by a novel, My Life with Goya, then a scholarly look into the fascinating world of disability, A Matter of Dignity. He lives in Vermont with his wife, Loie, and his guide dog, Gabriel.


My Life With Goya

“In his first novel, he has produced a story that lives on its own, in prose that is passionate and graceful.”

NY Times

Ordinary Daylight

“Elegant . . . alive with carefully observed detail . . . this book’sexcellence is proof as we read it that Potok’s story has a happy ending.” 

The Washington Post

“[Potok] learned to see with words, and judging by Ordinary Daylight, this has saved him. If you read the book, it will save you, too, in ways you didn’t know you needed.”

—Anatole Broyard, NY Times