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As time goes on, more walls are built by more people. Sometimes they're built to hinder others, sometimes they only hinder ourselves. These walls enclose us if we let them. What we seek lies beyond these walls. When we search for depth and meaning, we can run into these walls; but there are ways to get past them. Loopholes are moments in which the choice to go through walls, rather than build them, is made. These moments come in the form of surreal encounters, poetic monologues, warnings, fragments, hallucinations, primordial memories, one page plays, imagined contests, conversations, confessions, events within events, songs, narrow escapes, and much more.

About the Author

L. Brown is a member of a collective of anonymous writers, artists, and musicians who call themselves the Twenty Humans. The Twenty Humans have had concerts and exhibitions throughout the United States, and their work has been published in both the United States and Europe.