Tapping into spy thriller territory, and the KGB penetration of American secrets by Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five, the narrative unfolds through a series of engrossing, if agonizing, love stories that cross the boundaries of generations in ways both profoundly unsettling and deeply moving. Although Time's Betrayal is a literate genre-bender and suspenseful page-turner full of twists and turns, the novel is really about how family history shapes who we are and how memory -- the river of Time-- guides our joint destinies, testing our most cherished hopes, shaping who we are and what we believe, and teaching us that the essential truths of our humanity--freedom, justice, love, and honor--must be reclaimed in every generation.



Time’s Betrayal achieves a rare state for massively ambitious novels: it is both complex and compelling. David Adams Cleveland has instantly taken a prominent place on my personal list of must-read authors.”

—Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer prize-winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain


“Time’s Betrayal is a large-hearted American epic that deserves the widest possible, most discriminating of readerships.”

—Bruce Olds, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author for Raising Holy Hell and The Moments Lost.