Published since July 2019 

Peter Schumann  – A Child’s Deprimer (odd bird)

C.K. Hannah Greenberg – Beast There, Don’t That: A Bestiary (poetry)

Julie Justicz – Degrees of Difficulty (novel) 

Peter Fortunato – Carnevale (novel) 

Fred Rosenblum – Playing Chicken with an Iron Horse (poetry)

William Marquess – Badtime Stories (stories)

Marc Estrin – The Annotated Nose (novel, ebook only)

L. M. Brown –Were We Awake (stories) 

Douglas Milliken – Our Shadow’s Voice (novel)  

Philip Ramp – It’s Overtaking Us: Poems of Aristea Papalexandrou (dual language poetry) 

The Queue as of January 4, 2020

Ready for publication  (alphabetical by author)

MaryEllen Beveridge – After the Hunger (stories) Publication date 2/19/2020

Zdravka Evtimova – You Can Smile on Wednesdays (novel)Gail Holst-Warhaft/Mikis Theodorakis – The House With the Scorpions (dual language poetry)

George Ovitt – Tribunal (novel)

Charles Phillips – Dead South (stories)

Fred Ramey – Comes a Time (novel) Publication date 2/19/2020

Vincent Sgambati – Undertow of Memory

Peter Schumann – All

Production work in process  (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell – The Married Land (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

Charles G. Bell – The Half Gods (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

Bill Davis –  Cheap Gestures

Clare Dolan – Museum of Everyday Life (odd bird)

Roger Lebovitz & Delia Bell Robinson – Connections (translated story with artwork)

Delia Bell Robinson – Crankie Ballads (odd bird)

Lawrence Schimel –Desert Memory: Poems of Jeannette L. Clariond (dual language poetry) 

Next Up  (alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

MaryEllen Beveridge – Permeable Boundaries (stories)

L. M. Brown – Hinterlands 

Paul Cody – Sphyxia (novel)

Joseph Lamport – Enlightenment

Christopher Peterson  – Scratch the Itchy Teeth (stories)

David Polk – Drinking the River (poetry)

Philip Ramp – Poems of Katerina Anghelaki Rooke (dual language)

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