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Gaza Genocide Bedsheets

Israel pours fire on Gaza, bombs explode over hospitals, schools, and refugee camps. Borders are closed: no food, no water, no medicines. Hunger, thirst, disease, and suffering prevail. Gaza Genocide Bedsheets collects 55 bedsheet paintings in an 8x8" full-color paperback.

Tears Clouds Trees

Tears of Sorrow undertake a fantastical migration through clouds and forests to the Land of Tears of Overwhelming Joy.

Kropotkin Says

Prince Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921), the great thinker of anarchist communism, has plenty to say to our late capitalist culture. His words, inspiring Peter Schumann's thought and art, make here a small book to be considered, and considered, and considered again.

Abracadabra Yes No Apocalypse

The end of our once-modern world approaches, accelerates, and begins to overwhelm. Here, in this book, a program, cast of characters, and prognosis for the stupendous event. Step right up.

She Sits She Rides She Flies

Small bas-relief scenes, some with sculpted figures, made by Peter Schumann in the early 1970s, are paired with a biographical narrative pieced together from several interviews with Elka Schumann, in parallel with Peter's earlier images, each telling its own analogous story.

Es its vollbracht - Mission Accomplished

When Peter Schumann saw a copy of Fomite's NOTES OF DEVASTATION, a compilation of the three Passions Schütz composed in his eighties, he offered to "mess it up" with drawings reflecting his secular reading of the passion stories, his German historical sense of the Thirty Years War, and his reflections on the currency of the passion themes. ES IST VOLLBRACHT-MISSION ACCOMPLISHED is that mess-up.

Erbarme dich Have Mercy

The aria "Erbarme dich" for the J.S. Bach St. Matthew Passion is set with crayon drawings by Peter Schumann, images of the Insenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald, and woodcuts by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Handouts and Obligations

In these trying times, we have many new obligations - for example, the obligation for swimming, the obligation to embrace, the obligation to occupy the earth.

Declaration of Light

Peter Schumann, the director of the world-famous Bread & Puppet Theater, under siege by Covid in his studio, has been painting on a huge collection of old bedsheets donated to the theater, and scrawling wisdom screeds on small pieces of paper. He, like most of us, is appalled by the stupidity triumphant, steering the planet toward several destinations of doom. At the same time, nursing his indomitable spirit, Schumann, unlike many of us, can imagine the possibility of light and transcendence.

Beginning with black and white murmurings, Declaration of Light bursts into flaming color as our inevitable struggle ensues, and settles into landscapes of green and blue as hope extrapolates and gathers.

Bedsheet Mitigations

Order of services for the unfuneraled


All, Nothing, Nothing at All

Selected images from an exhibit, The Existibility installation, at T.W.Wood Gallery in Montpelier, Vermont, by Peter Schumann, founder and director of the Bread & Puppet Theatre.

A Child’s Deprimer is a compilation of texts and images by Peter Schumann that celebrate and call forth a reshaping the world to be led by the kids.

Life and Death of Charlotte Salomon

Paintings inspired by the work of the German painter Charlotte Salomon

From the Possibilitarian Arsenal of Belligerent and Not So Belligerent Slogans

Following in the political and literary tradition of texts that asked “What is to be done?”, Peter Schumann contributes to the graphic history of revolutionary postering with these pages of comic stories and slogans, belligerent and not-so-belligerent


A visitor to the Bread & Puppet Museum will find a vast array of masks, sculptures, paintings and puppets from inches to yards tall images of vulnerable humanity. Across half a century of the theater s work these figures, and those who oppress them, have been the pervasive characters of Peter Schumann’s concern, present in hundreds of forms, the background and face of his universe. But recently, the background has arisen, and broken into the foreground as refugees created by US-spawned chaos, the truly wretched of the earth, have desperately crossed borders seeking safety and a temporary home. The consequences, along with climate mayhem, will define our 21st century. Peter Schuman, himself once a refugee, has compressed his analysis and his rage into this little book.

Bread & Sentences

Bread & Sentences contains aphorisms gleaned from working notebooks, with a graphic narrative, The Situation, interspersed.

Faust 3

In a recent clandestine interview at his graveside, Goethe was asked whether Faust’s search for meaning he had committed his life to was completed by the end of Faust 2, or whether this search should be resumed. Goethe said : we now very definitely need Faust 3.

Diagonal Man Theory + Praxis

Diagonal man takes on the current political situation.

Planet Kasper

The British call him Punch, the Italians, Pulchinello, the Russians, Petruchka, the Native Americans, Coyote. These are the figures we may know. But every culture that worships authority will breed a Punch-like, anti-authoritan resister. Yin and yang — it has to happen. The Germans call him Kasper. Truth-telling and serious pranking are dangerous professions when going up against power. Bradley Manning sits naked in solitary; JulianAssange is pursued by Interpol, Obama's Department of Justice, and Amazon.com. But — in contrast to merely human faces — masks and theater can often slip through the bars. Consider our American Kaspers: Charlie Chaplin, Woody Guthrie, Abby Hoffman, the Yes Men — theater people all, utilizing various forms to seed critique. Their profiles and tactics have evolved along with those of their enemies. Who are the bad guys that call forth the Kaspers? Over the last half century, with his Bread & Puppet Theater, Peter Schumann has been tireless in naming them, excoriating them with Kasperdom....from Marc Estrin’s Forward to Planet Kasper

Ron Jacobs’ review of Planet Kasper in Dissident Voices - 

You Can Read It in the Funny Papers” 

About the Author

Peter Schumann  is the founder and director of the Bread & Puppet Theater. Born in Silesia, he was a sculptor and dancer in Germany before moving to the United States in 1961.