GREEN LIGHT           

If the green light is on the home page, we’re open for submissions.

RED LIGHT             (current status)

If the red light is on the home page, we’re so overwhelmed at the moment with long submissions and second and third drafts, that we have to call a temporary halt to reading new material. Please check back later.

At this point, I (Marc) am the only one requesting, receiving or reading manuscripts. Consequently, acceptance comes down to "what I like" -- and no accounting for tastes. If you want Fomite to consider a manuscript, email me a description of the work, the opening section, and your favorite writing in the book.


Given the exigencies of the time, Fomite would like to step outside its normal literary publishing practice, and add to its offerings a series of bound pamphlets on urgent political, social, cultural, and organizing issues from a radical, anti-capitalist viewpoint.

We invite submissions of eloquent essays, analyses, and manifestos of approximately 5,000 words which speak to the devolving situation in America and around the world.




We  are most interested in collections that explore a single theme, and we often include serious art - both as cover, and internal. Fomite prefers to publish poetry/art books appealing to both audiences, with combined readings/exhibitions.

Odd Birds: Eluding the Net of Classification

While Fomite does not generally publish non-fiction, we are willing to consider books of non-standard or mixed genres with high literary values. 

Dual-Language Books

We are also interested in translations of shorter literary works in a facing page format. 

Novels & Story Collections